Walking without pain

I cannot speak highly enough of Will Wright's treatment and the amazing difference it has made to my life. I am 89 years old and I could only hobble from one room to another in great pain. My Doctor said nothing could be done because of my age and gave me strong painkillers which made me confused and very unwell.

After finding Will and having treatment I can now walk for as long as I wish and do so every day WITH NO PAIN whatsoever!


Relief from back, neck and hip pain

I consider that my improved strength, balance and reduced aches and pains are testament to the treatment received from Will Wright, Chiropractor. I have received treatments for nearly a year following our chance meeting at a fun dog show, where Will was demonstrating his back to straight skills and assessments on our pets!

Suffering discomfort from several old injuries to my back, neck and hip, I am very grateful to Will who has enabled me to move with much more freedom and balance. Initially he was able to reduce the level of pain I was experiencing by freeing protective tensions. Now my comfort is maintained with less frequent treatments, I am reminded to restore the balance in my muscles.

I feel much more aware of my posture and of its importance in sustaining comfort. I am glad to say I have not had any absence from work (I am a nurse) due to back pain in the last year and have happily continued my hobbies of horse riding and swimming and enjoyed looking after my family with thanks to the treatment I have received from Will.


Massive improvements achieved in calm and competent style

I first came to see Will a year ago after having tried every other treatment under the sun. He instilled confidence from the start after examining me and taking a very detailed case history in being able to make an improvement to my chronic back pain. I was very impressed with his overall manner, calmness and competency and I am very pleased to report he has made a massive difference to my back pain (and also my neck, shoulder and headaches!). I would have no hesitancy in recommending Will.


Migraines prevented

I suffered with migraines for over 3 years and accepted I would have to live with them for the rest of my life. A friend recommended I see Will. After the first treatment there was a dramatic reduction in headaches and now I am pain-free! I have a maintenance treatment about once every 3 months to prevent the migraines reoccurring.


Active again after bad sciatica treated

After having had very bad sciatica and taking lots of pills for as long as I can remember I came across Will Wright. He got me active again in very little time and now I am back to playing tennis, swimming and walking - all the things I had been unable to do. My pelvis was misaligned and every time I feel a bit wonky I go and see Will!



German Shepherd enjoys long walks again

Benson Two years ago my 10 year old German Shepherd cross, Benson, was so stiff with osteo-arthritis, he couldn't walk without difficulty. Two years on and now aged 12 he is running around like a 6 year old and enjoying his long walks along the beach. The results of Will's McTimoney chiropractic treatments were almost immediate and regular preventative care has kept Benson in good order. For anyone seeking a drug free therapy for their pet's ailments, I would highly recommend Will's method of healing.

Benson's owner

Terrier treated for spinal injury

Maisie our 11 year old Yorkshire Terrier suffered from a spinal injury and misplaced hip. After just one visit to Will at Back to Straight there was a remarkable improvement. She has now had three treatments and is fully back to enjoying her life again.


Swift improvement in Doberman's mobility

Dobermann, aged 8 at time of back injury. Its amazing that such a gentle method of treatment can do so much to improve mobility - and so quickly! And as her discomfort was relieved, her confidence and energy have returned. We are so lucky to have someone with Will's extensive knowledge and skill to let her fully enjoy her golden years.


Labrador's lameness cured

My Labrador suddenly became very lame without any obvious reason. She was unable to walk and was given medication from my vet. There was no change at all after a week and a friend mentioned about trying McTimoney Chiropractic. I found Will through the internet. Seeing how gentle the treatment was I didn't think he had really done anything but then I witnessed what I thought was a miracle! Straight after he did his treatment my dog actually got up and started walking. I could not believe it! Will returned a week later for a follow up visit and Jess was so excited to see him that she leapt up and bounded towards him as if nothing had happened! I wish I had known about this a long time ago.



Drug free treatment that works

My 16 year old cross-breed has severe arthritis and was taking lots of medication and supplements. After the first session with Will he was running around like a spring lamb! Everybody noticed the difference in him. He now has a maintenance treatment when he needs it and does not take any medication. I have got my horse back.


Happy horse

After just one chiropractic treatment my horse felt totally different - much more supple, fluid and happy. He is walking and moving much better than I can ever remember. I have now booked myself in for a treatment! KD


Improved ride

Since you've treated him J has improved beyond recognition. I backed J when he was three years old, but only to get on him, walk around the yard and get off. Last January I had a saddle professionally fitted, but found J was becoming stilted in his way of going. In desperation, I decided to put him in a Solution (Ansur) saddle, because he was becoming worse and worse to ride. I noticed an immediate improvement, but felt he still seemed blocked in some way. I contacted you and to be honest we've never looked back. What you've done, in conjunction with the treeless saddle have made such a difference. I've also noticed J seems to have grown in height. I don't think this is the case, but I think he's just carrying himself differently, is feeling more comfortable and is no longer on the forehand.

S & J

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